Holy Templars Chartreux Cattery

The Carthusian cat is a special breed, which has its roots in antiquity. Our breeding is of high genealogy and is recognized FIFe / ANFI.

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The Carthusian Cat

The Carthusian is a special cat, regal and unique character. Becomes attached to the family and does not suffer loneliness. Magnificent his build with gray coat blue reflections.

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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to maintain a high standard of quality. For this we have embraced the philosophy of "few but good" with reproduction subjects with excellent genealogy

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Our Litters

Fall in love at first sight of these beautiful puppies born by our Carthusian subjects with certificated pedigreenand in good health is not only simple, it is granted.

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Chartreux Gallery

Photo gallery of our best subjects of Carthusian and of those who have left home for their new families. Holy Templars Chartreux Cattery

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About US

Holy Templars Chartreux high genealogy Cattery, recognized by the Federation International Feline (Fife) and by the Italian National Feline Association (ANFI).

Holy Templars Chartreux is member of Italian Certosino Cat Club and member of Unconventional Chartreux TEAM.

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